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If you already have a digital TV and feel screwed by the recent changes, simply disconnect the cable box and run the cable directly to your TV.

I have way more channels with just the basic than I do through the converter. I used to have a decent line-up, but since their so called "programming error" where I was getting channels I wasn't supposed to get, the digital line-up just isn't worth the cost anymore.

And don't believe that BS about programming error. This is a marketing ploy to either force or guilt customers into agreeing to purchase channels they "were" supposed to get to begin with. Hence, the whole reason you had them in the first place.

Frankly, Comcast is just too big to give a rats backside about any one customer, or even any one small group of really P.O.'d customers. Only a large dissatisfied customer base will effect any change in this monsters path.


Give them their *** box back and change your account back to basic.

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In the near future, Comcast will no longer be offering ANY analog channels, so many people will not be able to simply unplug their cable boxes and connect the cable directly. In order for this to work, the TV must have a QAM tuner built-in, which most do not.

I can understand the complaints about cost, but keep in mind that most if not all of the competition (satellite, Fios, etc) have already been fully digital and required converters for each TV for some time now.

To the original poster about having more channels without the box than with - my guess is that there was a mistake and you are receiving channels that you are not paying for which should have been "trapped." If that's the case good for you, enjoy them while you can, but don't be surprised when that mistake is corrected.


Here is the deal as I see it. I just finished hooking up those mini digital boxes.

They would not tell me when the tranfer to full digital was to take place. This is a total scam to get more money out of their customers. Or they would have given you enough mini boxes as TV's you use. They give you two I needed two more but nooo those cost extra PER MONTH FOREVER.

They cant raise their sub rates again by regulation and I dont think what they did is legal. I contracted with them for service they decided to stop giving me. Now you need two remotes (if you use the sleep timers and stuff)for every tv and all that wiring mess and something else plugged in 24-7.

I need an alternative but dont know enough about the internet portion, can you get i-net via satelite yet? This realyy burns my ***.