I started my Comcast service in Nov 2011, using my own Motorola modem purchased from BestBuy. I had internet only and was able to watch the free public TV channels.

In March 2012 I moved to a new address and had internet using the same modem and also watched free channels on HD. I called Comcast to notify them about it. A technician came to my place to "set up" the services. He brought a digital TV box which didn't work and spent a lot of time trying to set that up.

He decided to replace my internet modem with an identical one he brought from his van but there was still no TV signal. He took my modem and left theirs. After another week another technician came in and fixed the problem with the digital cable. In 2013, after a year, I called Comcast and asked for a competitive offer, as AT&T also provides services in the area.

After establishing the changes to my account I was asked to pay a $7 modem rent fee as the Motorola modem has a Comcast MAC number.

As I have no evidence of the numbers on my own modem they took for me, Comcast will not drop this new charge.

In conclusion, a perfectly working Motorola modem was taken from my house and replaced by an identical one that a year after I am being asked to pay a monthly fee for.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $50.

Location: Decatur, Georgia

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