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Had Comcast, constant trouble, got new wiring, still internet wouldnt work. Following burglary bought all new everthing and they rewired again still no luck no internet.

A tech came who swore at us, insulted the house, said we were smelly and stupid (not true) slammed door so hard our antique picture fell to ground and broke, then he peeled out screaming he wanted to only work in decent houses. Comcast wouldnt pay the damages even tho they said he was out of line wondered why we didnt call police - couldnt cuz he peeled out so fast. Sent next tech, was rude and unprofessional - still no internet. They they disconnected the TV w/ no warning, sent a guy to get the equipment (i thought he was an adjustor when he came!) he was horrified took box anyway.

Now we cant get any service at all. We called DTV, they made an appt but never showed, all day wait - they when I called they said they werent going to come and that we couldnt get internet anyway - BUT we had stated internet an absolute necessity. They wouldnt tell me why - said they could only talk to my husband - but then they wouldnt tell him why.

He has called 5 times and they hang up on him. No TV or internet since April.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Bundle.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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