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Let me start by saying that Comcast does offer a decent service from a technical standpoint when it works, but their customer service, operations, and billing departments are ridiculous and unorganized. I gave them another shot when I moved to Fort Lauderdale a few months ago because their service was the only one offered in my complex.

First of all I transfered my service from my old house to my new apartment and rather than just transfer my account, they instead removed all my equipment from their system and callcelled my account. What this meant was that I could not get my HD channels and regular service up and running for over a week after my transfer was scheduled. During this time I believe I had to spend upwards of 3 hours reading the numbers on my boxes to them and explaining the scenario to their representatives every time I called, because EVERY time you call you get some new person who seems to be missing a few chromosomes. In addition to THEIR MISTAKE, they billed me an additional month ahead on my service because of THEIR MISTAKE on the transfer.

My internet quality was inconsistent and I constantly had problems with dropout and with On Demand service, even though I was paying more than $160 a month! Finally I gave up and returned my equipment to one of their offices no more than a month after getting the service. Of course the woman who took my payment and scanned my equipment back into their system never closed my account as promised. Two months later I am still getting billed for a service I don't have and I have to spend 30 minutes on the phone explaining why I am not paying $400 for service I don't even have, and waiting on a representative to straighten this whole ordeal out. All this after I already went to their office and spent an hour in line to physically return my equipment and close my account. Let me reiterate, in addition to the hour in line I spent at this office over two month ago, I know just HAD TO SPEND ANOTHER 30 MINUTES OF MY LIFE DEALING WITH A COMPANY WHO I LEFT OVER TWO MONTHS AGO. Comcast is the absolute worst company I have ever dealt with and this is not the first time I have had to deal with their organizational nightmare. Maybe instead of advertising the *** out of their product, they should invest in customer service and operational standards. Thank you for turning me into another enraged consumer!


Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Service Transfer.

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