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Interesting to me that I never had a problem with access Until the emails started coming about the new modem. Now that I have ignored the "invitation" to get a new modem at "no cost" to me, my speed with the internet is dropping off.

I do not think this is a coincidence. Maybe this is Comcast's way to ensure all customers get the new modem -- which will absolutely result in an increase in modem rental fees once everyone is forced to get one. Why is no one questioning why suddenly the modems we have are not working? Why does FCC allow Comcast and other cable companies to adjust rates and equipment requirements at their whim with no validation process.

We don't know if the new modems are required; we only know that Comcast can manipulate the process to make it what they need it to be. Does Verizon FiOS have these new modems? Any FiOS customers want to chime in?

What if we all just said NO?? Comcast would not be happy, but our service would continue because we line their corporate pockets..

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Comcast Pros: Old comcast.

Comcast Cons: Prices are terrible.

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I'm no fan of comcast, however you should put the model number of your modem into Google or some other search engine. If the standard for your modem is older than docsis 3.0, that would be why the cable company is throttling and may eventually discontinue connection for the old modem.

You should replace this modem for security concerns and because docsis 3.0 supports higher data rates when they become available.

The comparison to verizon is a non-starter as a cable modem won't work on an optical (fiber) system. Whether verizon may also be changing their modems is irrelevant.

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