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In February 7, 2017 where we explained that the company COMCAST refused to provide us The cable internet service, being the only providers in the area and that after FCC intervention the company COMCAST indicated that they could provide us the internet service for an installation cost of $ 21,505.00 which is extremely exaggerated and ridiculous and Two weeks ago we call bisnes area and they told us that they would connect the services at a cost of $10,000 to ensure your investment would have that three-year contract by $535 Every month, every customer Of COMCAST receive a free connection and never pass the cost of installation to their customers.

We understand that on some occasions there may be a connection charge for some special reason but in our case this amount turns out to be extremely excessive. We do not know to what extent you or any agency can help us with this problem. This is the only company that provides cable high speed internet service in our area. We need the service and we understand that big companies invest money to make a profit, but giving the total cost of the installation to a customer is totally unfair and unworthy.

We only ask for equal and just treatment as any consumer, neither more nor less and we will not rest until receiving justice and equality as any consumer. I've been waiting for two years and still not put it. The streets around have and our not. Our street is Edgewater Blvd Dunnellon Fl 34431 in Rainbow Lake . It is sad to see everyone around with service as we don’t. If someone can tell me something. We look forward to your help and intervention in this case.

Thank you

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Installation.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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