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****For all Comcast Customers*****

Please very careful when getting your telephone service through Comcast. I was charged $50 deposit, $29.99 activation fee and now $1.50 to have this phone number unlisted.

I have had this telephone service for less than 14 days and I has received more than 20 telemarketing phone calls. Just to find out that, Comcast sells the phone numbers to telemarketers and expect the customer to pay $1.50 monthly to stop the annoying calls.

I am really annoyed with Comcast, one of our major cable carriers, expecting the customer to literally pay for some deal they have to get more money by selling the phone numbers and even more money to have them stopped. Someone pockets are getting really fat behind this.

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Same thing here - I get tons of solicitations on my Comcast number. Even after I block calls, I get more.

It's like Comcast is always selling our numbers to anyone that will buy them.

I would have never thought of this if Comcast hadn't been so deceptive in their billing practices. What a nasty company.


Twice, I have had comcast install a phone line installed and on the same day of installation, charities and telemarketers were calling me by name requesting donations, etc. Comcast denies it but how can companies call my new number and have my name before I even had time to know my own new number and give it to anyone.


Same thing happen to me first off don't go to comcast to try and help you to stop the annoying calls just register on the National Do Not CALL list.


all this is is g r e e d ! Comcast wants it all and while I am okay with my comcast service, it WAS a 3-week nightmare until after bad routers, bad connections, too much sugar, not enough salt whatever my connection FINALLY worked !

and Praise God, I rarely call them, but recently had occasion to and in response to the rep peddling the phone service, cut him off saying "no upselling, I CAN get verizon fios cable" ..

this one shut up fast while I have had already a sour romance with "magic jack" I stick to my $19.95 walmart cellphone and make only calls I absolutely cannot avoid, but use email or chat instead. Tell comcast to have a nice day with their bleeping phone service !


please give me a call..im sooo *** 8328880482


I called comcast after reading this and informed them that I thought it was wrong for them to be selling numbers and that If they didn't credit me for a whole month(the time it takes for the national do not call registry to take effect) of phone service I would disconnect it. The customer service rep assured me that they don't sell phone numbers but they would gladly give me the credit anyway.

So call them up and break it off in their butt. It worked for me.


I mean it. I want to get more telemarketing calls or just anyone who wants to chat (919) 827-6494


Please give my number out to anyone (919) 827-6494


I've changed my number twice already after getting hammered with telemarketers even though I *HAD* paid Comcast to make my numbers unpublished. I was FURIOUS to find out my phone, name and address were all in the white pages (something that NEVER happened until I switched to Comcast phone service).

And my husband had changed his name to his nickname when we switched to Comcast (something he hadn't done with Verizon) and all of the telemarketers were calling him by his NICKname so we KNEW it was freaking COMCAST that kept selling our 'supposedly' private numbers. I'm so p.o.'d I want to scream.

And now that all of that info is out there on the net, changing our numbers once AGAIN is not going to erase our address and names (something I was always diligent about keeping private with other phone companies). I warn everyone to check your info regularily online to make sure your phone service provider is not selling out your info to the WWW for every scammer and telemarketer to gander at.