Dallas, Texas
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I have 4 small digital boxes from Comcast as they have their new upgrades. Everyone of them faied upon installation.

The picture did not work, the audio was all static, the remote could not be programmed correctly with the older TVs to turn on/off. Installed on at my mother's house last night, spent an hour and a half with tech support trying to get it to work. This is at least the four generation box Comcast has tried. We finally got the box to change stations but the audio is all static and needs a service call according to them.

What a huge waste of time that Comcast just does not understand. I tried to speak with a manager and was promised a call back 48 to 72 hours.

NO CUSTOMER SERVICE with Comcast,but these boxes will cost me money as I need 4 not just the 2 free ones. They just have no sense of customer urgency yet they want to merge with another company to become bigger and more powerful

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Installation.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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You can go to fcc.gov and do an online complaint.


Our new xfinity boxes don't work correctly all the time either. We've spent hours tring to get our tv working like it did prior to this new equipment.

Requiring new boxes on all the tvs without any service upgrade is really a backdoor rate increase($$ per tv to rent) and I wonder if its been approved by the local governing agency. Why don't we all complain to our local state congress representative and the state regulatory boards?

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