At first I was patient enough with the constantly slow internet connection. But this slow connection is getting slower and slower each day and I cant play any online games at all.

I've tried to call comcast and they promise that they going to fix it, but its not fixed yet until now. Their bills are getting higher and higher and yet their service is getting poorer and poorer. My friend also has the same problem with me and they only give empty promise to fix the connection. But what do we got until now?

Nothing! Comcast never care about customer they only want money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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Sometime in may Comcast installed something outside that they claimed was supposed to make it easier for them to access the cables buried in the ground, ever since then performance has been *** I went from being able to stream HD movies from Zune flawlessly to having them constantly drop into poor quality mode due to apparent interruptions in connection speed, I shut down all other computers to make sure there was no other activity. Really sub bar quality lately.


I totally agree -- Comcast is driving me CRAZY. I pay 60/month, internet only. The rest of the nation is getting 9mbps download times and I'm getting about 1mbps (or lower).

WTF Comcast????


:( Yes! Comcast is running so slow today that I searched it on google and found this site.

I cant even get my emails.

When I asked them to lower my bill ($200 triple play)they said they couldn't help me. I'm switching to AT&T ASAP!

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