We have not heard back from Comcast. We emailed marta_gardner@cable.comcast.com on 6/25/2014 and 7/1/2014. Today is 7/16/2014 we emailed again. We have been very patient considering we are midway through July and the issues regarding sexual harassment, loss of Internet and cable television happened in June.

I had CNN news on this morning and they talked about an awful recorded call from Comcast Cable and played the audio back during the news this morning - they are calling it the worst customer service call in history. A Comcast rep who stated he was a supervisor gave a sex hot-line number out of frustration to my husband over our recorded call when we asked for the corporate number to ask for additional help. I'm sure they had a good laugh when we hung up with your Customer Service Dept.

My husband and I thought Comcast would be embarrassed about the fact they gave a sex hot-line number as the number to their corporate office to formally complain and get additional assistance. We were embarrassed calling the sex hot-line number and hearing the recording. We reported the incident to you but we have been ignored by you and Comcast.

Marta stated she was the Executive Customer Service Rep assigned to our situation. When we spoke on the phone she only wanted to acknowledge the outage issues. As stated on our call, we want the recorded call pulled and addressed. When we spoke back on June 25th she stated she would pull the call and get back with us. We have not heard back from Comcast by phone or email or even through the US Postal Mail. Marta talked about the sanctity of marriage and morals and values on our call but we never heard back from. We don’t know if they ever pulled the call.

We have not received any calls from Comcast or any return emails since on June 25th, Marta stated she would pull the call and get back with us – but to date we have not heard from her or anyone else.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Below is the emails sent on 6/25/2014 & 7/1/2014 with no response from Comcast.

Mrs. Gardner,

I am writing/emailing to inquire if you have had an opportunity to pull the recorded call since we last spoke on June 25th. We have not heard back from you by phone or email. You stated you would call Tom Brooks or myself after you have called and reviewed the call and that you would be the one handling our customer service issues as our executive customer service representative. You stated you would reach out once you reviewed the call - can we get a status update as to where you are in reviewing the call.• How long does it take to pull and review a call?• When will you have an answer and to what course of action Comcast will take in correcting the issues with Internet service for the month of June and the cable going out because a technician putting a wrong fitting on the cable wire (this is why the cable television stopped working) and the fact that a sex hot line number was given out of frustration by one of your supervisors (Alex) - which we view as sexual harassment and being extremely unprofessional.

We look forward to your prompt response.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Recap of events: Emailed June 25th 2014 to my husband and cc-ed Marta Gardner.

The contact information for the Comcast executive customer service rep that I have spoken with is listed below: marta_gardner@cable.comcast.com888-736-6711 ext 51509

Hopefully the email & phone is valid this time - I repeated the numbers & email address back to Mrs. Gardner - she said everything was correct.

Just to recap all the events involving loss of Internet & cable TV services - In the beginning of June, our Internet was going on and off line. We didn't think anything of it at first. We thought maybe it was due to storms or an outage in our area. At the end of the first week of June - the Internet was going offline for longer periods of time.

I walked outside - a Comcast Cable line was chewed up by a rodent or some other animal. When I turned on the water hose outside - the Comcast cable line shocked me. I don't know why they would mount a cable line "under" a watering hose. Not good common sense. I called in and spoke to Customer Service- they scheduled a tech to come out on June 7th. The tech cut the line the chewed frayed line off and & re-attached the clean line to the box mounted on our house. The problem was not fixed.

We were still having Internet connection issues. I called in again; they scheduled another tech to come to the house on June 13th & 14th. They now stated it was an electrical problem in the box and they were not allowed to go inside the box. That a special team would service the electrical box (A big green box in our neighbor's yard) The tech replaced the Comcast router. The issue still persisted - the internet was going on and off line. I called into Comcast again - they send another tech out for the 21st of June - the tech used an old line from the old Dish Network & hooked it up to the Comcast box attached to our house. I wonder why he decided to take a line from Dish Network and use it - I don't believe we had any issues at that point with cable tv. Everything was up and running for approximately 40 minutes. After that point the cable tv went down with no picture and there was no internet at all. This all happened on Saturday - You told me - you would call in to Comcast and get things taken care of because we both felt perhaps I was getting the run around. At this point you called in on June 21st in mid afternoon -

I know you (my husband) spoke with a couple of reps and they were stating they could not get anyone here until the end of the week, we spoke to different supervisor's until you (my husband) eventually spoke with a rep by the name of "Alex" who would not give his last name.

Alex said he had no other boss or supervisor, he was the only boss, you (my husband) told him a transcript of the call would be mailed to his corporate office and asked him if that was the answer he wanted to give about not having a boss or someone else to help - he came back to the line and gave you a number to corporate, you repeated the number and ended the call. You (my husband) dialed the number - the whole family heard the company you reached was a sex hot line number. The call was recorded - you did tell him you were recording the call - to which he stated "I am recording the call as well" - so I think this will count as permission to record the call. I am still in shock that Comcast does not appear to be as shocked as we are.

At any rate - this morning Mrs. Gardner called to follow up on the repair of the internet & cable tv. I ask for her contact information again - because we were unable to contact her with the numbers she gave the last time she called. I told her the person answering the phone at Comcast did not even know a "Mrs. Gardner" and did not recognize her extension number - I truly hope she works directly with Comcast. She was professional and seemed to be taking notes. I want to remind you - I went into AT&T and doubled our data plan to be able to use our cell phones as mobile hotspots to connect to the internet. The cost was $50 - I believe we should be reimbursed for the additional data charge. This is a fair request - I can provide receipts if needed.

I told Mrs. Gardner I could not answer for you when she stated she wanted to credit our account for the cable tv bill for 2 weeks. I am an authorized speaker on the account but not the owner of the account. I tried to explain that Alex the Comcast Representative that gave you the sex hotline number was not only very disrespectful but the whole situation was rather embarrassing. She then stated they will now pull the call and reach out to you or myself after they have reviewed the call, I forgot to ask how long this process would take. Comcast took a whole month to get our internet up and running. Though Mrs. Gardner was kind, polite and professional - I believe all they are offering at this point is an apology. I would say Comcast customer service has definitely gone down hill, it's hit or miss - never consistent at all. We have had their internet service longer than a decade. Loyalty definitely does not mean what it once did.

I know you asked for a detailed recap on our situation with Comcast. I know there are 2 appointments Comcast was a no show for - but according to Mrs. Gardner - when the Comcast reps say they will bury your cable line on the 23rd - apparently it means the week of the 23rd. There is probably more to the situation I will remember later - I'm just tired of dealing with this never ending headache.

Comcast does not seem to communicate well with their repair technicians - every time a new Comcast repair tech would come out - the new tech would ask me what he is supposed to be repairing - I would have to go over the issues each and every time. Comcast is only concerned with exactly the amount of time we were without service, not all the hassle we have been through - they are not concerned that the technician kept getting it wrong, they are not concerned with the sex number given by a rep - they are not concerned that one of the repair technicians put a wrong fitting on the cable wire and that is why the cable & the internet went down. Comcast is not concerned with us, we are one among millions.

After things slow down - we will have to do our homework for reliable internet/cable. This whole thing feels...kind of gross - I feel like we really don't matter to Comcast and I just want to move on.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Plan.

Monetary Loss: $200.

Store Location: Mount Prospect, Illinois

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