Boston, Massachusetts

Your Comcast service technician did not walk to my home address to notify me of his presence. He instead called me on my cell phone for his conviencence.

Your employee did not offer me sufficient time to answer his phone call. He/she promptly left to service their next customer. When I returned his call, I spent nearly ten minutes trying to reconnect with a Comcast Representative.

I then had to reschedule for another appointment later that same day. My day off waiting for a Comcast employee to do a job which could have been completed earlier if he/she got off their *** and walked to my home to complete their work assignment.

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Most companies call before coming over. This way if you're not home they can help someone that is.

If you know you have a tech person coming over I suggest you keep your cell in your pocket. That's what I do :)


The techs will call twice prior to coming over. If you don't answer, they won't come.

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