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Comcast service sucks plain and simple. and when you call to complain about channels freezing, or going black, or going on and off, they try to blame you the customer first.

Then they blame the position of the sun. And of course it is never their fault. We are soon going to switch to Direct TV or Dish Network, one of the two. We have had our fill of Comcast and it's lame excuses.

And I am sure we are not the only people here in Peoria to be sick of Comcast. We need new people in here with good service.

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I call Comcast more than I call my Mother, however not for the same reason. Since installing the bundle, which took over three weeks for their idiots to do, I have had over 100 service outages.

I pay $175 for the right to be abused by this outfit that has a strangle hold on the cable scene.

In the last six days one or all of the three has gone out at least 15 times.

All I get from them is "We're very sorry that you have this problem. Don't forget to pay your bill on time."

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