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After having a problem with my phone and internet service three times that hadn't been resolved. I had to *** from work to meet people that never showed up. Each time I called, the service call was going to take up to two weeks to get someone to my house to check out the problem.

On the fourth call I was finally given a service call for two days later. No one ever mentioned a service call fee. The tech shows up and checks my modem inside, and seems to working ok. Minor dropage in signal. He then goes on the outside of my house and changes out something. This seems to have corrected the problem. I have never been told of a service fee.

I can understand if something on the inside of my house was bad and I would be responsible for it, but the outside of the house seems like it would be their equipment.

I called the help desk and could barely understand the lady I talked to. She was no help at all.

These people are the biggest ripe off artists I have ever seen. I have been with them for many years.

I will be looking for a new provider in the near future.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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I'm not surprised. Comcast always ripped me off when I was with them.

they charged me a service fee to get my internet fixed because their lines were apparently no good. funny thing is..

when I moved in, they never bothered to check the lines. they had me install my own cable boxes and modem because the house already had Comcast cables.

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