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Lied to by phone reps, told service was being done in my area that day/night, should be up by midnight. Next day, still no service internet or cable tv.

A second and third call to Comcast left a message for 3 different supervisors to return my calls. No contact from a supv. A service tech disconnected MY line while he was disconnecting my neighbors line. The service tech was out on 10/23/08.

Luckily my neighbors kept the work order from the service tech so Comast shold know what kind of *** they employ! I need to file a formal complaint with Comcast but am unable to get a hold of a supv to do this!

They are NEVER available or do NOT return my phone calls!

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $101.

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I don't work for comcast, but I've always heard if something doesn't sound quite right, it isn't right.

And your tale sounds fishy. Like maybe you neglected to say that you were also late paying or something.

Come on! Fess up or don't complain!


It's obvious you work for Comcast! Like I said, I DID report the problem and was lied to, there was no routine maintenence in my area.

If I would have known the truth then a tech could have come out a day sooner! So what's the excuse for no one returning my phone calls?

I have had issues w/ Comcast internet in the past, emailed the CEO and boy were the Houston Comcast boys kissing my butt after that! Oh yeah and I AM getting a service interupt credit!


Sorry,it has been a while and I need to catch up with things.

Look folks, calm down and start with the basic problem. :) You have no service, call into Comcast and report a trouble call for - No Service-. Trying to remote troubleshoot when your service is totally out just doesnt make sense. Ask for a tech to be scheduled to your address. Comcast provides a service and the goal is for you to be happy. Once your service is restored. Take a deep breath and then call 1-800-comcast for possible service interupt credit.

The disconnect issue could have come by mistake, some boxes have tags for addresses that could be unreadable, or the tech may have just goofed. Techs are human. Comcast does care for its customers and a happy one goes a lot further than the other.

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