Houston, Texas

Comcast came to install services at my next door neighbor. Incapability always exceeds there own expectations, they unplugged my cable in order to get my neighbors online, I had schedule a meeting with 12 other guest which I had to move to another venue (wings and more)since they were unable to do 2 jobs in one day, there is always tomorrow,I call and spoke to a supervisor who offered a free month of service for the inconvenience.

I had been waiting since May, and every month after talking to a couple of problem solvers they tell me to wait another month, finally today they told me that my request had been denied, I never requested that but now Irealize that the best thing to do is just say screw comcast.

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Haleiwa, Hawaii, United States #74109

Sorry for the trouble. Please allow me to assist. If you can send me the phone number on the account, I will ensure that that this is addressed for you.

Mark Casem

Comcast Corp.

National Customer Operations



Comcast is horrible! They tore up my walls and messed up my service.

Did you know that in Northern Virginia there was a little old lady that Comcast was so horrible to she went into their office and bashed their computer in with a bat because they made her so mad!

She was old too. Comcast is a dirty, dirty company.


Quit complaining! You get what you pay for!

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