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Recently both my roomate and myself returned from vacation to find all our comcast service was out - no cable, no internet. We called 1-800-comcast (the only # written on anything comcast has sent to us) to try and resolve the problem.

First of all, we called from my cell phone - the phone number on the account - and got bounced around to different call centers all over the country because the area code on my cell phone number doesn't match the area code in the city I live in. Finally we get a service rep on the phone who tells us right away that she can't do anything for us since she's in another location, but is willing to give us the direct phone number for a service center near our house (she couldn't forward us though). When we finally get in touch with the local service center, the rep says we have to set up an appointment for a technician to come out and assess the situation.

Now I knew we were going to have problems. Almost all the appointments they had available were for time frames in the middle of the days. Unfortunately, as we explained to the person on the phone, both of us work full time 9-5 not very near to where we live. We needed an evening or weekend appointment. The rep said he could get us an appointment 5-7pm 3 days from when we were calling. This was annoying as I needed the internet to properly complete some of my work at home but decided a 3 days wait was better than nothing. I repeated to the phone rep that 5-7 would work but we wouldn't be available until around 6. The phone rep said that wouldn't be a problem, said they would add a note to the service request to come late and to have them call my roomate's cell phone. The number was verified twice while we were still on the phone.

Come the day of the appointment, I receive a call around 5pm from our Comcast technician that he is at the front door and no one is answering. I explained that he was suppose to call another number and wasn't suppose to show up until later in the evening. My roomate was on her way home, but wouldn't be there for another 10 minutes or so. He never called her even after I told him she was the person to contact and we set it up that way when I set up the appointment. About 5 minutes later he calls me back and says there's still no one there so he's cancelling the appointment. Of course I protested to which his response was "I can only wait 10 mins". Fine, it's true we weren't there, but at the same time we didn't think anyone would show up for another hour.

Once again I had to call the local service center to reschedule the appointment - for 2 days later of course. Again I explained that we both work and can't leave in the middle of the day/early. Again, the rep said she would put a note on the service request that the technician should come as close to 7 as possible. Fast forward to the day of the appointment and once again the technician was at our front door at 5pm. Luckily I was able to leave my office a little early that day and was on my way home and able to catch him before he left. It was still annoying that simple requests from the customers were being ignored.

The scheduling system they have set up makes it very difficult for people that work typical 9-5 shifts to set up appointments. If they were willing to commit to arriving at 6pm or even 5:30 it would make all the difference.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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Labelle, Florida, United States #169933

:( Since this last thunder Storm my internet stopped working, I called waited for 20 minutes finally some one picked up the phone and schedule for 5 days later. Tech was suppose to call me back on given number before come to home,never called and left a tag at door even I was at home. Called cust rep again and re-schedule for next 3 day.

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