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They said it would be faster – so I installed mine last night. After 4 hours, talking to 7 different people, being transferred from the internet department to the phone department to get everything up and running and being "accidentally" hung up on 4 times I told them I wanted to re-install my old one. Their response was "I'm sorry. I can't do that. I do not have that information anymore." He said I would have to call the billing department for that. Then he gave me a phone number to call that gave a constant busy signal. It took 5 hours and I had to find my own work around for the Wi-Fi they said it had but couldn’t make it work.

Once you start installing the new one and see how awful it is – they won’t let you go back.

I will be switching to the Dish Network once I’m released from this jail they call a contract. Comcast is AWFUL!!

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its easy to set your old modem back on, the reason why you were probly getting slower speeds were that they moved you to a slower tier speed and limited it.

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