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I had dishnetwork for 4 years complete *** when in comes to fixing anything.I don't know if its there training or they just hire people off tje streets that say they have experience never will I return to such an incompentent company...Comcast a huge company and everything is about numbers customer ser sucks all they want is there equipement back when they can't remedy your problem..So being a senior and getting my eletronic and eletrical engineering degree direct tv. Is by far the best overall in.

Customer satisfaction and great at cummunicating with there clients by phone and there technicians have very good communication skils as well..the olny company. I would consider working for would be direct by far...the is no comparison and I speak from experiencing all three comunication companies..I. hae had direct 2 years maybe longer its been pleasant.thank you direct t.v.

for being head and shoulders above the rest....c. keller

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Houston, Texas, United States #695698

...you're getting an engineering degree in some field of electrics? I ask this both because you say you're getting an electronic and electrician degree, which doesn't exist, and because you can't spell, at all, or formulate a sentence. This makes me very, very worried for the safety of any and all you come into contact with if you ever hit the job field.

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