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Positively the most unacceptable customer service of any company. My phone calls for help are constantly bounced to the Philippines....I cannot understand the reps, they are way overly apologetic for everything, losing sight of the problem I called about. I ask to be transferred to the mainland, and I'm told tech experts are not available.

After a long painful two hours of troubleshooting and attempting to communicate so we both understand, I'm told I need a new modem. They will mail it. 2 days with out service, and in the mail, comes the instruction book for the modem. I unplug the mess of wiring and pray that I will know how to connect the new modem that I decide to pick up at the Fruitville, Sarasota location.

After driving 12 miles to get there, the office is now located at University, the very northern most boundary of Comcast service territory, with the only other one in the county being located to the south, 30 miles....who was the Comcastic genius who thought this through?

The office is in a small plaza, with Millennials staffing it. I'm barely greeted by the greeter, Angel, who asks my first name. The young man is looking at the huge TV screen, not even at me, handing me a piece of paper with my name on it. I am the only customer waiting who is not with someone at the counter. He could at least make eye contact. I ask, "what is this for?"...He says I will be called shortly. I am called by a young lady, who also does not make eye contact and expects me to follow her. I tell her I am frustrated. She ignores my statement, and takes my modem, scans it and gives me a new one...that's it???

I am a savvy senior citizen, who looks younger, but has not grown up with technology. It doesn't come easy, however, I understand and know quite a bit. I begin to ask questions about connecting the modem. She is indifferent, with an attitude, quips out short answers, and at the printer tells me, adamantly, all printers are wireless....I know mine is's old, like me, but still works. She is frustrated with me, tells me to call the number, go to the site, on my receipt for instructions. I tell her I don't think I can hook this up. She says, "Fine, I'll schedule an appointment for $50."

Angel tells me on the way out to have a nice day...I tell him he's the worst receptionist I've ever met.

I'm really a patient person, I'm not unkind, and I am ashamed that I reacted this way....I have been in customer service for decades, and would never think of treating someone like I was treated. I am also a former Comcast employee, and grateful to have resigned while still having my health and sanity. Comcast is a terrible company to work for, and if there was another provider of services, I would leave in a heartbeat.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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