Southfield, Michigan

im tired of watching the same movies from the 70's and 80's there are enough new up to date movies to air. when the channels go out the bills keep coming.

there are so many hbo sho max starz etc channels what since does it make to show the same movie on all the same subscribed channels.

im so irritatated by this and im about ready to try another cable company.

start showing the newer movies and lower the rates these prices for these services are an outrage. we have the old movies on vhs for crying out loud.

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Littleton, Massachusetts, United States #63124


You are SOOOOOOOOO ***! the network is to blame and not the cable service.... WAHAHAHAAHAHAHA!

you are so dumb my friend... :p :p :p :p


it's not about the movies, or the "line-up" as much as it is the money payed to carrier that provides it to us. dad's putting his antenna back on the roof ---- same movies. hate to burst your bubble.

Este, Veneto, Italy #51473

Just to let you know the movie lineup on a channel has absolutely nothing to do with the cable service. It has to do with the broadcasting companies like NBC, CBS, and so on.

I work with another tv provider, not comcast, and I get people screaming at me about this.

Complain about broadcasters not cable, every cable company provides the same channels which provide the same movies. Hate to burst your bubble.

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