Heyworth, Illinois
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During a call to Comcast due to lack of or intermittent internet service was treated very rudely by customer service rep. My husband has been calling pretty consistently since frequently we are not receiving all the channels we pay for.

We have been very frustrated since we've also been having problems with the internet but he hadn't called about that. I thought he had called about both, so when I was switched from the person dealing with cable problems to internet problems I was treated very poorly by her because I had initially said he had been calling about both. She then repeatedly, but in a very harsh tone scolded me because they can't help you if you don't call in. She repeated 2-3 times after I told her he just told me he had not called in.

We have been frustrated with them for a while and this only convinces me more that we probably couldn't get worse service with AT&T or satellite. Time for a move!

Comcast (or xfinity, or whatever you're called now, you may be the biggest but you're probably the worst as far as delivering the product you promise! Shame on you!

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Just some Greedy people is all i can say

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