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Rude, insulting technician, didnt speak English that we could understand, started insulting us minute he got here, didnt do much, then insulted us, saying he couldnt wait to get out of our house!! He said it was a dirty dump which it is not.

It is an old house, but it is clean and doesnt smell. Then he stormed out, slamming the door so hard that expensive magnets and pictures fell. The antique one will cost at least $89 per Michaels to be repaired - glass shattered, and a specialist will have to evaluate the frame. He scared me half to death, then burned rubber out of here - dangerous and unprofessional.

Comcast said I should have called the police, but I didnt think they could catch him and he sped so fast I couldnt get the plate even though I had pen/paper. At least he didnt hurt a pedestrian or animal. I wish I had physically detained him/called police, but he was too fast for either of us. All I could do was call Comcast to report him.

Warning - do not let this guy in!! He's dangerous and a real wackjob looney-toon!! We had great techs last time- they were super and so nice, and stayed a while with no problem - had a great visit then, but the system broke down soon after and we got this wingnut. He did admit there IS something wrong, wouldnt say what, said I had to wait 5 days w/faulty internet!!

They he went postal and took off! Real a**h***!

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Technical Support.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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