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Add me to the list of those who have been "led astray" by DECEIPT courtesy of Comcast. I received a call from a ComCast telemarketer 2 weeks ago (Feb, 2010)--we talked about my current service phone Company DSL as opposed to Comcast.

he gave me examples of packages--and we talked further as I was a little hesitant of changing ISP as i NEED 2 computers to be networked & share an Internet connection. The Telemarketer assured me the "transition" would be smooth & there would be NO charge for Installation--plus the price was "Right". So against 'instinct" I agreed. The service call took place as scheduled this morning with the installation guy prompt.

After laying some cable & making the necessary connections, computer #1 was online & going great. HOWEVER, computer#2 seemed to be having trouble signing in to messenger. It turned out computer#2 was linked to an Ethernet switcher, but when the DSL was disconnected, so was the Modem/Router unit. Ergo, NO "connectivity" for computer#2.

Then the installation guy said "well, you need to buy a Router"---"REALLY? No *** Sherlock", was my first thought. I tried repeatedly calling, chatting online with Comcast--even called their "Corporate Office" and spoke to a woman, whom the second time I spoke with her (3 hours later--didn't REMEMBER me until I started re-hashing the story"). The up-shoot was Comcast could send a Technician with a Router--but it will cost $149 to install--I told them I didn't NEED to for the Tech to install it, I'd do it myself.

They WON'T send him over to simply "drop off" a Router. My second suggestion was I'd go pick up a Router at one of the local Comcast Centers--but they didn't HAVE any wireless Routers at their local Centers. My THIRD suggestion was to go to Radio Shack, etc buy a Router & get re-imbursed/compensated by Comcast--but they're not "authorized" to do this. However they ARE "authorized" to MIS-LEAD you into thinking that install is free & then inform you that you need a Router--which will co$t $149 to install.

I have left messages online chat & over the phone for someone to get back to me --talked (supposedly) to the Secretary to the President--who said she would "escalate" my complaint --but STILL haven't heard from them. So, I'm taking matters into my OWN hands by filing this review, then will make a report to Better Business Bureau--Re: "Bait & Switch" tactics & then will look for ANOTHER Phone/Internet provider & DUMP Comcast where they belong--in the TRASH!

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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Ditto with respect to the complaint above (now here in 2011 when the supposed free routers were available). Ditto with respect to completely inconsistent info from customer service, and after telling me when I ordered (immediately) the "free" router plus S&H that it would be 3-5 days, it is now going to take 8 weeks.

PLUS, they refused to affer me ANY credit. I am switching back to DTV and Verizon.


From what you wrote, Comcast never promised you a free router. You assumed they would provide one for no charge, but you assumed wrong.

At that time, they did not offer routers to ANY customers without signing up for the "home networking" service which is the separate $149 charge you speak of.

Comcast does now provide free routers (although you do have to pay for shipping) and you can order one at router. I agree that they were late to the game in providing them when compared with other services, but it's up to you as a consumer to weigh the pros and cons when you choose your provider instead of complaining when they don't give you things they don't offer.


"Addendum" to "Router, Router--Who's got the Router"?--after several emails back & forth "From the office of the Vice President", a representative has offered me a $25 credit. Nice gesture, but fIRST of all--any DECENT Router will cost upwards of $35--secondly and I DID emailthem back, saying Thansk but I would GLADLY return the $25 credit for someone to DROP OFFa Router.No response--these folks at Comcast are something, eh?

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