I had comcast cable and Internet for a few years sans problems, so when a rash of break-ins were occurring in the neighborhood I decided to have Comcast install an alarm in my house.

First, the installer drilled through a pocket door during installation ( after he opened it and walked in the room). Second, a "supervisor" came to fix the damage.

He used a clear gel to fill holes in sheet rock! Despite the eyesore, I felt I needed the alarm being a single woman living alone.

Well, I got robbed last week and the alarm didn't go off. After trying to contact the alarm folks for 2 days I got a response.I wanted the service discontinued.I was told I'm being held to my contract regardless and that the alarm company is not responsible in anyway. I will never use or recommend Comcast services again.

One rep even had the audacity to ask me if I watch the news, that crooks know how to bypass the alarm and turn off! Well, if that's the case why hasn't Comcast, the large corporation that it is, solved that problem?

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Installation.

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

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ok, im going to break it down for you people. I am a comcast employee, no, im actually a third party vendor, thats right, somone who is not a comcast employee that has accsess to your account, thats right, when you call comcast, guess what, youre NEVER EVER talking to a comcast employee, and i wont say what compony i work for, but i will say that comcast does have employee call centers, but they are straight up ***. my primary function is xfinity home security billing, sales and retention,. see, comcast sells home security, and profit from it, but what they do is straight up lie to your face, then instead of deal with their *** problems, they want a thrid party vendor to be their billing and retention ppl, but then they limit what i can or cant do, for instance, a sales person tells you ( xfinity home is FREE FREE FREE ,, YEAHHHH..!) you get a 899.00 doller bill. you call xfinity home dept' i tell you, well no one placed notes on the accnt and even if they did, the install is 399 dollers which i can not waive, and also the monthly rate is 49.95, i can see deff see that you were suppossed to have a free install but i cant credit you back, i have to send this to comcast, and it may take up to 90 days for them to look at it, and they might give you a call back at their own discretion. but i wouldnt count on it.

i am not allowed to credit you ***, and if you want to cancel, i have to try to save u as a customer, but guess what, i cant credit a dime, and i also can not give you *** for free, why? cause thats the way comcast has it set up, its like telling somone hey dig a huge hole, but dont use a shovel. here is a spoon. and most of the time, when you call in to check the status of *** like refunds or credits. i CAN NOT ACCSESS THAT INFORMATION. and if i transfer you to comcast, they transfer you right back becasue they dont deal with home security, they just sell it and profit from it. so keep in mind, you getting pissed off at me on the phone, gets you no where. cause i cant help you at all. my job is to get you off my line in 350 seconds or less. FOR REAL.

and here is the *** up part, you call comcast, you say ( i have a billing issue with my cable and interent) comcast guy says, ok lets take a look, then says ohhh, i see you have home security i have to transfer you to xfinity home) you get to me, i say hello , you tell me ur problem, and guess what, I CANT TOUCH UR PHONE CABLE OR INTERENT, I CANT CREDIT YOU, I CANT EXPLAIN UR BILL, I HAVE TO TRANSFER YOU BACK TO COMCAST and they wont even talk to you if you have home security. but guess what i can do. I CAN, SET UP NEW SERVICE ( PHONE/CABLE/INTERNET AND HOME SECURITY. I CAN TAKE A PAYMENT, AND I CAN TELL YOU YOULL HAVE AN EARLY TERMINATION FEE FOR CANCELING). I CAN NOT (((CAN NOT!!!))) DOWNGRADE UR SERVICE/ CREDIT YOUR ACCOUNT FOR ANY REASON. (EVEN IF I COULD, COMCST GIVES ME A LOG IN AND PASSWORD THAT WONT ALLOW ME TO EVEN OPEN UP THE CREDITING OR ADJUSTMENT PAGE ON AN ACCOUNT) SO EVEN IF I DID HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO DO THAT, I WOULDNT BE ABLE TO DO THAT. so what im saying is

comcast wont touch ur account when you have home security, they send you to me, i cant touch your phone,cable or internet for downgrading your service or credit you for services you pay for but dont have. comcast wont even set you up with homesecurity, if somone says home security, they send you to me, so i have to set up ALLLL LINES OF BUISSNESS but comcast the provider wont do that.

ok, so, all you pissed off people calling me. i understand that youve gotten the run around and that your mad casue you need service or credits, but i seriously can not help you. and if i can id be happy too. you cussing me and running your mouth, takes the nice out of me and i might just cold transfer you back to comcast in the middle of our conversation. i take about 400 calls a day and they are alllllllllllll pissed off customers, so after a certain point i dont give a *** any more, i dont care if youve been on hold for 30 mins, or if you have been talking for 3 hours, i dont care,. i will assist you, tell me ur phone number and tell me what the problem is, if i can help you, IM HAPPY TOO, if not, youllo have to understand that comcast has it set up so that i literally can not help you. so call corperate.

oh and to you xfinity home security subs, your contract, read ittttt. for real, its *** up, you have three days to cancel without a penalty and you also have 30 days to get ur money back, and comcast WILLLLLL NOTTTT waive your early termination fee for any reason whatsoever, etf for xh350 is $1,320.00 and if you dont pay it, they will shut you down and turn you into collections. and you dont have to sign a contract, if you let them install it in your home, you are under contract and it doesnt matter if you sign a work order or contract or anything.

honeslty, i know how to do my job and im great at it, and trust me im also a master fabricater, certified welder ( i can weld titanium) and fluant german speaker, the list goes not, there is not a *** *** THING here to do with my certs, i moved here for family. any way, i have to agree with you all, i hate comcast with a passion deeper than the sea for such a big compony, they sure dont give a *** about thier customers or their employees,


I work at a company that is with Comcast, and I see your pain there. I get many that come to me for Internet support, or whatever.

Once they hear the prompt Xfinity Home, they instantly think its for all services. One said I need to setup a new order for a customers new address. Guess what? NO DEPARTMENT KNOWS WHAT TO DO!

They pretty much make Xfinity Home do all the work. I am tech support! Not billing! NOT CABLE TV!

It does seem when a customer has Xfinity Home, it's an instant transfer to us.

To other customers. If we can't get a truck rolled to you sooner, then deal with it! I can't call the service center and demand them send a truck.

You should have learned that after you had Xfinity and gotten security from them.

I do what I can to assist you, and if I'm not able to fix the problem, then deal with the date I give you for the appointment.


Also for other future techs. NOTE the *** account!

Stop putting little words that other techs will have no idea what the call was for. Just putting education call means nothing. What the *** was it about?! I also had someone who actually didn't have access to the account because that person was broken up with someone else...

Contacted the main account holder and I just got bitched at!

The other guy didn't get anywhere and was still unable to do anything, but note the *** account! It helps other reps out.


The comcast system is garbage do not go with it low end and techws learn how to install it in only 1 week.....comcast sux


Here is my Comcast Alarm story...

I used to have monitoring by Comcast that was supposed to be monitored. I left for work one morning at 5:30. When I returned home at 3;50 my alarm was going. Pulled out my weapon and searched the house, all clear, no signs of forced entry.

I called Comcast, transferred me to Comcast Alarm Monitoring and was advised it triggered at 5:45. I asked when I wasn't contacted. They said their policy was if an alarm goes off between 10 PM and 7 AM they do not call the contact number on alarm permit or send officers out. They didn't want to bother the homeowner for alarms overnight.

I asked why am I paying for 24 hr monitoring but they said it was their policy. I asked where in the contract was that stated. I further asked if someone came in while I was on vacation I would have no contact and just find out after I got home? They couldn't answer. If someone came in an killed us, no answer.

I got all my payments for installation, monthly , maintenance, every dime back for 1.5 years and dropped them. I made a State of Texas Alarm Permit and Monitoring complaint and had the DPS office contact me regarding this. Not exactly sure what happened to this.

I've heard of similar stories from other monitoring companies. It isn't just Comcast Alarm monitoring after researching this.



Keep up the good work.


Thats why you need an alarm from a real alarm company. If you go with ADT go with Corporate adt and not a dealer.

(not all dealers are bad but why risk it.) My advice to everyone out there is go the corporate company on a legit alarm company. You might pay more but you will be happy you did.


Comcast has a home alarm company???