Boston, Massachusetts

Comcast Cable has taken away several of my channels in my package that I have had and paid for many years and put those channels in another package (higher). They did send a notice they were moving the channels, with the exception of one channel.

The issue is how can this be ethical or in good faith, even if legal.

The only recourse I have to get the channels back is to buy a higher upgrade to receive the very same channels I have had for much less. I believe there should be some consumer protection for this, but so far I have seen none.

Very unhappy customer and consumer.

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I am near phila and want to protest at the new comcast bldg. who is with me?


Contact the BBB. We the customers need to stand together and show comcast we're not going to tolerate this anymore..


Their lack of concern for customer service also boggles the mind. I have been waiting for 3 week for a supervisor to return my call.

Gee, he must have a lot of complaints if it is taking that long. :roll


Ever since this digital upgrade announcements came out seems like our t.v. has been useless.

We have all these channels taken away and the ones that do come in are fuzzy or are protected program and no way to delete that. Might as well save our money and go else where!!!!


I totally agree, and have contacted ABC news to check into the lies we've been told for two years about not needing other equipment when the analog-digital switch occurs. Isn't it interesting that Comcast waited till after the switch to tell it's customers they were taking away A LOT of channels.

If we want to get out of our contract, we will be charged $150.00, for "breaking the contract". It seems to me that Comcast is the one breaking the contract - many times over - with all the changes and losses of channels which we had signed on for. Out of all the channels we get, we watch maybe 40 - 50 regularly. Most of those channels they can take and shove.

They are disgusting. Maybe Comcast should switch them to a *** tier. Maybe they should do a survey to see which channels the customer really want; and to see how many of there current customers would dump Comcast if it wasn't such a "monopoly" in the area. We were with Comcast (formerly Suburban in our area) for almost 30 years and I think we are being penalized.

You think we would get gifts and discounts for being loyal customers. Aha! The new needed equipment - digital boxes, etc. We're the ones paying for the discount for the new customers.

Looking into switching to Verizon, like some other family members have done.

Take a hint, Comcast. You're not well-liked :(

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