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(PLEASE KEEP THIS GOING) I'm actually going through an issue with Comcast myself!!! They offered us a great package, according to them around $67.99 a month after taxes, & 3 free months of premium channels.

My first bill was $300 & something dollars, my next two were around $175.00. When we called we got transferred and disconnected on several occasions. When we finally got through, we decided to cancel service since we weren't getting answers. The customer solutions representative then told us we were under a signed contract and couldn't cancel without an early termination fee.

We told her we wanted a copy of it because we didn't sign anything, she proceeded to say "it was a verbal contract over the phone" and her supervisor would have to listen to the conversation and get back to us! Not to mention we have to take their word for it! Almost 4 months later, no one has bothered to get back to us, and when we call, we get transferred, then disconnected!!! We finally gave in and paid the early termination fee because Comcast decided to disconnect our internet service (which we've been paying every month!!!).

I hope everyone shares this post, I would really love my money back (all of it). I've emailed the media, I hope I can get somewhere!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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they own the media

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