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I recently moved to a new address so I needed to set up internet and TV. The two monopolies own the lines to the house so I had few options: either Comcast Xfinity or Verizon FiOS.

I did my research and elected to go with Comcast for their product as well as the fact that the previous homeowners used their service. As I'm told, the house is already wired for it. It took two weeks calling local and national service representatives to take my order and open an account. The first representative presented me with several packages.

I wanted to consult with my wife before committing and he wanted to earn my business so he gave me a personal email address to contact when we reached a decision. He never responded to that email. I gave a second email and allowed a two day grace period with no response. The next representative I spoke with had me on hold for an hour due to "heavy volume" that day.

He arranged the same package, created an account for me, and said I would receive a call from Comcast to schedule installation. No follow through. More days passed and I never received a callback so I initiated a follow-up. The third representative I spoke with said that an account was never created for me and no order ever went out.

I tried a third time to arrange service and she tried to offer me the same package at a higher rate. Naturally, I refused. A fourth representative finally carried through on the basic task of taking my order and creating an account. She said that I did not need a tech to come to the house since a previous owner had subscribed to Comcast.

In fact, she could waive the installation fee so long as I could drive two towns over to the local Comcast distribution/customer support center to pick up my self-install kit. Great! Worth the savings. I did that, but when I followed the instruction manual my modem would not go online.

Tried every outlet in the house, spoke with three technical support agents, and went through troubleshooting for nearly three hours. After assuring me that my house had active service and it must be faulty equipment, nobody could solve the problem. They finally agreed to send a technician to the house but couldn't schedule an appointment for a week, which pushed me to 3 1/2 weeks in a new home without service. I went back to the local distribution/customer support center and requested an earlier appointment.

Despite having more than a dozen vehicles in their lot and uniformed men outside their door, they insisted that they could not schedule an appointment from their offices. They reinforced the notion that service at my address was never disconnected and therefore still active at my house, insisting that it must be a bad modem. Their solution was to try to sell me on a new modem, which I refused, since all the troubleshooting over the phone suggested that the device itself was working properly. Called the national customer service hotline again and FINALLY had a capable representative who immediately looked at his records and told me that my service was NOT active and needed to be connected at the "tap." He arranged an earlier appointment time, but still has me waiting for several days and without internet for a total of 3 weeks.

My business has suffered, my wedding plans have been stalled, my reputation with prospective employers has suffered, and I have had to find alternative, inconvenient ways to pay some of my bills.

Three weeks of incompetence, misinformation, lack of follow through, and shady salesmen leads me to give Comcast an angry, dismal review. I hope their product turns out better than their customer service and technical support...when I'm finally connected.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Did it ever occur to you to get Fios then dingdong?


Need internet and can't afford what Verizon is charging. Financial restrictions limit me to only one option. Yes, life is a bit easier for those with money.