Comcast - Lied too became a nightmare

Was told I had a package for 2 years. Now 1 year later I am told no I don’t. Have no offers for what I was paying. Decide to cancel service but unfortunately I have to keep internet. Now they want $100.00 for internet and they shut off all of my service 5 days early. A bunch of liars
Advertised vs Delivered
Billing Practices
Coverage Area
Customer service
Discounts and Special Offers
Diversity of Products or Services
Exchange, Refund and Cancellation Policy
Price Affordability
Product or Service Quality
Style and Design
Value for money
Phone system does not work properly. It now even screwes up my computer system. The play you along with IT help that does not really fix the problem until your past the 30 return period and then ignore your calls. I would not recommend Comcast business phone system to...
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I liked
  • Music playing while your on hold is nice
I didn't like
  • Cant fix the product they sold you
What happened to this company. Every employees or supervisors only care about the next money you pay for the service, and they have a hard time understanding simple basic things. Its almost the 7th of april and im still waiting on the bill to be mailed to my address i...
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We have complained 4 times now about installation of new cameras to add to our Comcast security. We have had 3 service visits and none have completed the i stalk toon of the cameras. The first man said he needed a surge protector but didn’t have one. We weren’t...
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Do to my work schedule I am normally up late hours and having only recently moved to the Rome GA area I must say Comcast is terrible here. Several times a week around 1:30 am or so we lose internet and or cable signal anywhere from a few minutes to half the night. The...
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I didn't like
  • Almost nightly service droos
I have one choose your network this one is called Yoses room TV.b on my internet without my permission or any said asking or me giving out password to this line. Can someone please check this out. This is one just problem my iPhone I had a hard time getting it to work...
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Bought a home in November, since it was one i could afford and actually not be broke all the time, set up a service transfer, well they didnt offer service here so had to cancel the services. Now because of their inability to provide services they say i need to pay...
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On Friday16th March went to Comcast on Auer Ct in East Brunswick NJ. Wanted to move my Verizon phone to Comcast. Told by rep there, it would be an extra $11 a month which would bring bill to $177. I said, ok, and he said that would also include faster internet and more...
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I liked
  • Costumer solutions supervisor
I didn't like
  • Rep at auer ct eb office
i have Xfinity X1 and came on here looking for answers. i find reports from 2011... 7 years of the same issues so i have to ask myself, i am paying for X1, paying for Netflix, i could buy amazon prime but their "sources" for many of my shows is X1... and yet they are...
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Ongoing lack ofnternet, techs have been out constantly system still in/out, mostlyout. Today the technician spoke hardly any English, was hard to understand, then started belittling me and shouting at me. I was scared, and told him he should do the job that was agreed...
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Wow your story has changed so much! Originally the tech mumbled and you couldn’t hear him and yet 4 posts later he was yelling. Make up your mind, which story are you going to...