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Wrost company ever. Bad customer service. You can even get someone on the phone to help you

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I pay for 50 mbps, Test my speed and I only get 13 mbps download and 2.6 upload. That's not even close if you added them together.

I call and complain and it will work fine for about 2 to 3 months, then I have to go through this all again. It is a racket, they charge you for fast internet, but you don't get the speed you pay for. So if anyone would like to team up and file a civil suit I would jump on that bandwagon in a second, if I don't file a suit first, been on hold now for 27 minutes and counting. The customer service people will lie straight to your face.

Made the last customer service guy feel pretty *** when he tried to lie to me and blame my computer for the slow speed.

Luckily my brother graduated from Purdue in computer engineering, and network engineering and was able to call him out on his lies, so for the last two months my internet has been working fine, and now back to xfinity slowing my internet again. I am so sick of this company and there ILLEGAL business practices, yes it is ILLEGAL to charge a customer for a service they do not provide and I fully intend on gathering evidence and filing a civil suit against this company.

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