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On March 22nd, I called Comcast and paid my bill over the phone via check. On March 29th, I was informed by Comcast that my check was returned and the bill was not paid.

I checked my bank account, and this check was NEVER received by Comcast because I didn't enter the correct account numbers. So now, Comcast is charging me a $30 return check fee for a check they never received.

It was GIVEN to them, but never received by them, or cleared my bank because the numbers were wrong. How is it possible to be charged $30?

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Account.

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Per my bank, the payment was NEVER submitted to the bank. I went to my bank, they pulled up my account and showed me that a Comcast payment was never submitted.

So, what you are saying does not apply to this situation. If a company does not have the correct info to submit to a bank, how can the info be "returned" if it never goes anywhere?

Voice your opinion all you want, the fact of the matter is, comcast cable company are still shysters. :p


It wasn't submitted to my bank, and that's the problem.


They took the information you provided and submitted it to the bank for payment. It was returned and as such you owe the fee.

It is the same as if you gave them correct information and funds were not available in your account. ComCast is not the only company that does this. The company I work for also does this. Next time double check your banking information before you submit.

Oh, and be happy it wasn't because you gave the correct information and didn't have the funds. If so you would have to pay the fee to ComCast AND the fee to your bank.