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I called to cancel my xfinity home service within the established trial period. I was told someone would be out to pick up the equipment.

After a week or so I called to find out when they were coming so I could make sure someone was home. I was told that there was no record of a cancellation or a call. So I requested that they take care of it; NOW! I was told I would be required to pay a $150.00 cancellation fee because I was now outside of the trial period.

When I called corporate I was told that the early termination fee was actually $1,000. So I proceeded to dispute the charges. While doing so I requested to cancel my other Comcast services as well. This was my first time ever being a Comcast customer.

I did keep a copy of a chat about the $150.00 cancellation fee so Comcast had to honor it. I cancelled all service with Comcast and started making payments on the balance. $150.00 for the cancellation and 180.00+ supposedly for service charges that should be half of that because I had to wait for someone from retention to call me back even though I insisted that I would not change my mind. After I made the first payment, my account was sent to collections.

Apparently collection companies are the "arm-breakers", they do not care that you were mis-treated by the company that sent them your account. That is probably why big companies like Comcast do that. Now I am harassed everyday all hours of the day.

I decided to suffer the credit scar rather than be bullied for fees I should NEVER have incurred.

Monetary Loss: $330.

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