Miami, Florida
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I recently moved (not far) so Comcast told me I could just transfer my services. I gave them my new address and made an appointment for today between 8 am and 11 am. By 10:45, I still have heard NOTHING from the technician and I've taken off of work for this. They have the nerve to tell me he still has 15 mins to call and I should call them back.

Of course he doesn't call.

Now I'm forced to reschedule for Saturday.

I work in media and every day I don't have internet I'm losing money. But never fear, Comcast is giving me a whopping $20 off of my first month because the tech couldn't bother to pick up the phone.

They need to start teaching their technicians how to read a clock.

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Comcastdete here.

I'm really sorry to hear that we did not make the appointment today and rescheduling you for Saturday is unacceptable. Please email my group at and we will make this right.


Detreon Roberts

Comcast National Customer Operations


I so agree. As much as they charge for their services...and they can't even make it within that 3 hour span!

They expect everyone to miss 1/2 days from their jobs so that a technician can come out and set up for a service that they are then going to overcharge you for every month! I mean you can schedule appointments for drs, haircuts, oil changes, your dog to be but Comcast no way!!


You have the internet? Is it a girl or a boy.

What color is it?

What does it like to eat?

Whish I had the internet.....

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