On my sixth time trying to get a human who could over a 3-week period I finally spoke to a representative. I had convinced a Comcast representative that since I was caught by various state Stay-Safe or Stay-at-Home orders in another state that I want to suspend my TV and Internet as I had no idea when I could travel safely.

After talking with him he said if I wanted to suspend service due to covid-virus, he said no. I then said I would cancel all services right then and there. He decided to go to a manger. After 10 minutes of waiting he said he could put me on a seasonal hold.

I told him it should be until probably mid-May. He did that but stated I needed to pay for the next month at the full rate, and they would adjust the bill later on.

Last week I was able to return home. I called Comcast to turn off the seasonal hold and turn on the Internet service but no TV. He stated that I would have to pay for 2 months of the seasonal hold since it must be done for at least 3 months.

I told him to leave the seasonal package on as I would not pay for 2 months of no service!

I called and spoke to another representative today and told her that I wanted to change from a seasonal package to just Internet.

She told me that I would have to open up both current TV and Internet today and then make any changes tomorrow. This was acceptable for me as I will definitely cancel the TV portion but why is the outcome so different between the representatives?

User's recommendation: When you think you are making a reasonable request, call back as different representatives will result in different outcomes.

Store Location: Fort Collins, Colorado

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