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I have become so fed up with this company's prices and customer service, so I decided that I wanted to complain about them. When I started searching the internet, I started finding information that shows how dishonest they really are.

Comcast's proxy statement, filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, put CEO Brian Roberts' 2010 total compensation package at $31.10 million. Steve Burke, who is chief executive of Comcast-controlled media giant NBCUniversal was awarded a compensation package in 2010 valued at $34.74 million. CFO Michael J. Angelakis received a package valued at $22.9 million. They are getting wealthy off of Comcast subscribers, many of which have lost their jobs, are forced to apply for welfare or have to clip coupons to feed their families.

This past February, Comcast decided to convert the call center in my area from a Customer Service call center to an outbound Collections center. All employees were laid off except for a couple of small departments. The employees were told if they wanted to keep working there, they would need to re-apply and IF they were rehired, they would receive a decrease in pay. 400 new employees were hired to replace those who were laid off. Comcast received a $2,500 tax break from the city for each new employee they hired. Those who were laid off received a severance package of one paid week per each year they were employed. Many of which were not employed more than one or two years. I heard this directly from one of those employees.

A few years ago FiOS applied to the local franchise which I happen to live in - to provide service to the area residents. Employees who lived in that city received an internal email requesting that they sign a letter drafted by Comcast which petitioned the city to not grant FiOS' request. They were also asked to attend city council meetings and plead with council members to deny FiOS petition. Their argument was that FiOS was planning to provide service only to the wealthy neighborhoods which was not fair to the less affluent areas. If those customers switched to FiOS, Comcast would stand to lose huge amounts of revenue. Guess what, Comcast is still the only cable provider in the area. Who knows what other cities this has occurred in.

Months prior to the NBC Universal merger, employees were told that no one would lose their job as a result of the merger. Surprise! Shortly before and after the merger, various departments and in some cases call centers were closed. Smaller call centers were consolidated into an existing larger call center, but there was not necessarily additional employees hired to handle the higher call volume. Many other jobs were outsourced either to the Philippines or to a contracting company. Do you think they care about your complaints? Not likely. Comcast saves millions of dollars by doing this because outsourcing costs them less in wages, plus they do not have to pay for benefits.

Every year during March Madness, The Consumerist has the "Worst Company In America" tournament. Not surprisingly Comcast is always nominated. Each year employees have received an internal email requesting that they vote for the other company in their bracket. This is an example of the email: "DO NOT vote for Comcast. When you cast your ballot, vote for the other company. Remember, you're voting for the "Worst Company in America." Feel free to vote from the office and at home on your personal computers and laptops. You can also vote via the web browser on your cell phones, iPads, tablets and other web-enabled wireless devices". Despite their attempts to throw votes, Comcast still won the 2010 "Worst Company In American" title and was in the top four in 2011.

Comcast is strongly anti-union. They have a history of attempting to dissolve employees' unions and firing labor organizers. Comcast has spent large amounts of money to defeat the Employee Free Choice Act, the purpose of which is to strengthen workers' right to form unions. Pro-union employees have been illegally fired, harassed, wrongly disciplined, denied promotions and benefits. In some areas cable installers are forced to attend daily anti-union meetings, and company managers as well as anti-union workers have been brought in from other areas to ride in trucks with cable installers, urging them to vote out their union. Comcast has been charged with numerous violations of federal labor laws.

Many of you are already aware of this: Several years ago subscribers became suspicious about slow download speeds and began finding evidence that Comcast was blocking packets for P2P file sharing. Naturally they vehemently denied they had anything to do with the mysterious slowdowns. They were later exposed for throttling customers who were using bandwidth for P2P file sharing. The FCC formally ruled Comcast's throttling was illegal and in violation of the network neutrality principles. Comcast agreed to settle a class-action lawsuit for $16 million. The proposed settlement page (as of a year ago) states that those who submit valid claim forms will receive "a share" of the total settlement, however the amount won't go over $16 per share. The FCC has fined Comcast for many other violations as well.

Several organizations, including a network station, have accused Comcast of violating one or more of the conditions the FCC imposed when it approved the merger with NBCUniversal in January. Complaints have been filed with the FCC. Not a big surprise.

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Yup...I will become another layoff next week, after 7 years. Everything in this post is true except for the part about Comcast asking employees to vote for the other company in the worst company poll.

Never saw or heard anything about that happening. If it did, must have been an isolated incident.


nikalseyn sorry to disappoint you,(NOT) but I have never belonged to a union, never been on welfare or any type of government assistance, I work full time and my mortgage is paid in full. Envious of Brian Roberts success?

Give me a f-ng break - not hardly. Angry about the way they treat not only their customers but employees, h-ll yes. I am merely one among the hundreds who have posted a complaint about this company.

If you think they are such a great company, why don't you apply to work for them. You'll change your mind in a hurry.


nikalseyn is in management and gets bonuses for ripping off the workers. HOLY HYPOCRITE -PROBABLY waves a bible


if you thinks it's bad being a customer it's worse being an employee. A fat sup named Kim Edwards in the Lynnwood,WA call center sent email asking to work off the clock without pay.

we are winning a class action lawsuit. call the retention department and ask for discounts.

John N

Sounds like not only are you envious of others' success, but a mind-numbed union robot to boot. You really need to get a job instead of living off the dole. At least then you wouldn't have so much time to complain about other peoples' success.

@John N

Comcast is a criminal corporation. Its terms of service give it all the rights and the customer has none.

They lie about outages and have terrible service that is so bad compared to FIOS and other high-speed. They bribe politicians and have no respect for ethics, customers, or professional service.