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I have watched a number of 80's movies on Xfinity ON DEMAND that were rated PG. During at least two of these movies there was nudity and the "F" word.

This *** me off to no end. If you sale a product and present it as what we all know it should be and then we find out it is something different, that's wrong!!! Not only that, I beleive there is a legal issue here that I will pursue. Can you say "CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT"?

Presedent has been set, now Comcast wants to screw people out of good wholesome TV watching.

They're going down! Social media, wake up everyone, here is one for you all!

  • PG rating not R
  • On Demand movies rating wrong
  • Xfinity movie rating system wrong
  • Comcast lies to consumer on TV
  • Comcast not abiding by presedent m
  • PG movies should not and must not
  • Xfinity PG movies should not have
  • On Demand movies should not have n
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Chicago, Illinois, United States #680538

Wow you're an *** !

Oakland, California, United States #675135

If the MPAA sets the rating, then why am I watching "Journey to the End of the Night", which is rated "R" on IMDB, but rated TV-14 on Comcast.


Old movies used PG instead of PG-13... yeah.

Jacksonville, Florida, United States #664547

Im not defending Comcast but I must tell you that Comcast has no control on how movies are rated. Rating are set forth by the Motion Picture Association of America or for short MPAA.

Cocast only provides the viewing services and are not held liable for the content shown. Unfortunately you won't get far in filing a lawsuit.

Sorry... :sigh

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