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I've been dealing with this company a few years now. They are the worst company I have dealt with next to Sprint.

I have to call them every month because a promotion they put me on expired, that was suppose to be for 6 months or more, or they tell me I ordered a channel or a movie. I have locks on all of my channels I don't see how I'm going to order a movie when I don't even know the lock code. I just want basic tv and basic Internet. They had me paying over $100 for over a year.

Than I find out they have a deal with tv Internet and a phone it's around $80! My grandparents were paying over $200 for all 3 services and were never offered the bundle package either.

I just feel ripped off. Needless to say I cancelled service with them, wish it was that easy to cancel my grandparents, I just hope you don't waste your time with them if your able to go elsewhere!

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Bundle.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Memphis, Tennessee, United States #683524

I have to wholeheartedly agree with Brianne14. Her experience is identical to mine.

I have spent literallyy HOURS on the phone with a bunch of untrained airheads and most from their Phiillipines customer service dept. Cannot understand many of them, but at least they are very polite..polite doesn't get the problems solved though. I finally figured out the Comcast motto..keep the customer totally in the dark about what you are giving them and confuse the bill so is is unreadable each month. They stick it to the customer with ridiculous "fees" that make no sense and it is a nightmare to call them.

All they want to do is have you buy a different bundle when you complain and that further complicates the next bill. And why does my family member, or neighbor have a cheaper rate when they have the identical package as me? There should be set rates that are cheaper for the different bundles and you shouldn't have to play this *** call in game to get your rate lowered. Comcast is a huge conglomerate and they certainly are not hurting..why do they hire cheap, untrained labor and call them "customer service".

They are a joke.

And I could write volumes about their poor service, like signal issues, DVR box issues, etc. We will cancel as soon as something else becomes available in our area which is very soon.

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