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Comcast Cable continue to raise my rates even after I turned in some of their equipment I can't afford. Called several times for an explanation but they seem to always make it too complicated to understand.

Even the paper billing I received in the mail is too complicated to understand. When calling on the phone they always want you to wait for a call-back because they are supposedly waiting on other customers. The call back can take as long as 2 hours. When I finally get their call-back I can be on the phone with a customer service rep for at least 20 minutes.

One call to them in particular on 3/22/12 lasted about 8 minutes, then he put me on hold for another 32 minutes. I couldn't hold on any longer. This is the last straw.

I am in the process of contacting the Public Service Commission of my state. If that dosen't work, then maybe I will start a class action law suit.

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Time to go with someone else, n'est pas?


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