Kearny, New Jersey
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I will be looking for new services when as soon as my is contract is up.

Comcast has raised rates AGAIN. I cannot afford $200.00per month for their internet, phone, TV "service". I'm done with them. We do not even WATCH the majority of the channels they "offer".

Their customer service is just terrible; I do NOT expect to have to go through a *** phone tree with NO option to talk to a REAL person.

In short, COMCAST, YOU SUCK! Can anyone out there say MONOPOLY??!!!!

AND as for YOU people! 100 WORDS?? Give me a friggin BREAK!

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Tv Service.

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Whatever you do, don't go with DIRECTV if it's in your area. They bundle with Verizon in California.

They lock you into a contract then raise pricing. If you don't want to pay the increase they charge you anywehre from $150 to $250 early termination fee. A Bait and Switch scam. I was charged for Receiver Protection Plan, which I had decline from the get-go, the when I discovered the charges and canceled, they charged me $6 cancellation fee.


Also, file a complaint with Federal Trade Commission. The won't settle your complaint but they do track trends of these companies and eventually someone might do something about them.

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