Oroville, California

Overall, I'm not satisfied with Comcast's service. I am satisfied with their internet speed but not with their customer service. Absolutely horrible. I have examples below...

1) Ordered services through their 3rd party Offerwire)- Some shady company out of the Bahamas. I didn't know it until I had issues. Rec'd faulty equipment, took forever for Comcast to figure it out(because of 3rd party), then told me I had to deal with Offerwire, even though I ordered it off comcast's website. Had to return equipment, then cancel it off my credit card because Offerwire didn't want to credit me after I sent back merchandise. I then reordered directly through Comcast, over phone, and had to fight for a couple hours with customer service to the price I signed up for and to get the shipping fees removed. In the end I got what I ordered but after several hours of arguing.

2) Internet was going on & off. Customer service said they'd send a technician to check it out free of charge. I got a $28 charge on bill! I call up and agent says it's valid charge and tries to offer me insurance for it. Demanded to speak with manager. I spoke with Xavier, and I demanded the $28 credit and since they charge $5 to take a payment over the phone I wanted an extra $5 for my time. He generously credits me the $28 and the extra $5 for my time. Great supervisor! But took about 10minutes to actually get to speak with him.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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as a former employee of Comcast I can say that if you signed up for service thru a 3rd party - good luck! I often received calls from customers that were expecting an install or equipment to be shipped, but there was no record of any account at that address - the 3rd party seller did not submit the info into our database - we essentially had to create a new account and of course we did not have the same pricing that the seller offered and we would have to schedule the install at least a day or 2 out from when the customer was expecting it.

It was a big mess, when I complained to management they said "We know, we are working on it" but nothing ever changed. Eventually we were given a phone number for the 3rd party so we could refer the customer to them when these issues arose.


We just got comcast last month. Too bad the 30 days have expired.

Now I can not be reimbursed. Oh well. In the past 2 weeks my service has had an outage this is with tv, internet and phone service. I don't think that is acceptable.

I pay for a service but can not use it. Yeah I know 2days is not much but when you can't use any of them? Plus my internet is slower now than when I had dsl from ATT. I was told it was my router slowing it down.

Well guess what?

That happened before the router was put on. (that in itself is another story all together.)


We have been comcast customer's for years. During inclement weather we have always had issue, but didn't hold it against them.

Finally upgraded to an HD TV and our service. Paying considerably more and get HD only when it wants to work. Been on the phone with them now for a couple of months, had to replace the box and it still doesn't work. Asked them to come repair and they say it isn't the service it is our box/device.

Overall CSR experience is really bad. CSR assoc takes the least amount of time as and recommends repair of issue by replacing the box.

How many times do we need to replace the box to get HD to work. On the phone with them now and ready to go off or cancel service.