Stone Mountain, Georgia
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I had had cable since the beginning of time I got tired of the increases every other year, I got tired of the re-runs, I got tired of my neighbors stealing my cable and Comcast doing nothing about it, somebody should tell them that kids don't subscribe to cable. I got tired of them lying to me promising everything then doing nothing.

I turned my cable off May 2010 and left owing Comcast about $118 they worried me (or at least tried to) for the money I told them if they handled my problems and concerns like they thought they would handle me getting their money there wouldn't have been a problem!!

I've saved over $1600 in the almost 16 months since I turned Comcast off they have the nerve to have collections calling me about $40 I still owe them. They wasn't in a hurry to resolve my issues and almost 16 months later I haven't been in a hurry to pay them their money!

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Turned my comcast tv cable off. They are unable to keep my neighbors from stealing it.

My neighbors even cheered after they left and they didnt see anything. Now they didnt hide put ladders next to my wall and hooked up more neighbors . I live in apts and theirs a scam going. So turned it off and heard these idiots try for a week before they stopped,tho they still try every once in awhile comcast should learn from these scam artists.

They know alot more than comcast does. I wonder how long it will take them to catch them,if they ever do.


You chose to damage your credit. Good decision.

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