Worcester, Massachusetts
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I am soooo pissed off I can't even tell you the whole story without smashing my computer !!!! story goes they tell you sign up for now and we'll send you a gift card for 250 $ wow sounds great right.

Wrong ! you keep on paying their incredibly high month to month charges I'm talking over 240. $ a month *** who can afford that ? but that's just what I did, I kept paying and when I was to expect my gift card they said I didn't qualify for it ...

they totally suck any way you look at it. Do yourself a favor and tell the cable companies youv'e had enough its time for change and comcast can go #@*% its self !!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Gift Card.

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I also have no gift card and it is six months later. Was told by someone in corporate office I will recieve one. WHEN WHEN WHEN WHEN total waste of *** and BS just to get you signed up to comcast.