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Most recent bill had a 25% price increase due to Service Credits being discontinued. Close to $200 per month for Internet and the "preferred" TV package;which then went to close to $250. Calls for an explanation were met with their God-Awful telephone system. After 10 minutes talked with an account rep who was clueless; "that's just the way it works". Then to a "Solutions Specialist" who indicated the only way to reduce my bill would be to add their phone service. WTF

This Company is awful, clueless and unable to accept the new reality that they now have competitors. Fortunately FIOS is available in my area and I signed up immediately after my phone discussions with COMCAST; result is about an $80 per month savings for what I expect will be equivalent or better service.

If I didn't have to deal with my wife, I'd cut the cord entirely, buy a digital antenna for broadcast TV and supplement with Netflix, and similar for TV. Netflix rocks, COMCAST XFINITY sucks to high heaven.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Tv Package.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Comcast Pros: Quality of service.

Comcast Cons: Online representives, Poor customer service and price.

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Comcast is horrible!! I am a single retired woman and my xfinity package just went up to $180.

I called and cancelled it all. Then had 2nd thoughts and called to just get internet only. Was offered a total package for $94.99 with home phone and all taxes and fees included. I accepted!

Now they can't find any documentation and I've talked to many people there in last few days to get them to listen to that conversation that they recorded and agree that it was a verbal contract. Each person takes so much time.

Asking my name., Address, what services i like...bullshit stuff and I've spent hours on the phone with them. Now they say it will take maybe 5 days to review that call and get back to me.


Time to DivorceYourCable !! and it is Do Able ~~

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