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Prepaid credit card was received in the mail.

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I have been a COMCAST/XFINITY customer for 31 years. Several years ago, I added Internet and home phone services to my account. On 12/13/17 I went to their local store to request my cell phone service be added also. I was told that to add my cell phone I needed to buy a mobile phone from them, which I did not need or want. They talked me into it by telling me that they had a promotion going and that I would get a $200 Prepaid Visa Gift card provided I made on time payments for 3 months. I paid $516 for an older model cell phone which I thought was a ridiculous price. I am a senior citizen, retired, disabled and on a fixed income.

My account has been set up on automatic payments for years. Time went by and no Visa Gift card. I went to the local store and I was told they could not help me. They provided a number for me to call (1-888-936-4968). I called the phone number on 6/21/18 and I was told that the sales person at the store did not fill out the proper information for me to receive the Visa Gift card. They told me the problem was fixed and that I would receive the Visa Gift card within 7-10 business days.

More time went by. On 7/23/18 I called Xfinity Mobile and was told by a rep that the Visa Gift card was mailed on 7/16/18. She could not tell me where it was mailed from but that I would receive it within 7 business days. I requested to speak to a supervisor who could not tell me either where the card was mailed from. He provided a telephone number for the Xfinity Rewards Center (1-800-526-3268). I called and was left on hold for an hour waiting to talk to someone.

On 7/26/18 I was told by a rep again that the Visa Gift card was mailed on 7/16/18 and that I should receive it within 7-14 days. Today is 7/31/18 and still no Visa Gift card. This time I was told they would re-issue another card because the one they had sent did not include my apartment number (my complete address shows on my account with them) and was returned on 7/30/18 by the Post Office. I requested that the Visa Gift card be overnighted since I have been waiting for it for almost 8 months. I was told they could not do it and that I had to wait another 7-14 days to receive it. I requested to speak to a supervisor, but conveniently, there wasn’t one available.

I feel I am getting the run around from this company and I am tired of it. They falsely advertised that the Visa Gift card would be sent after 3 months. Why do they have to re-issue the card if the first one is in their possession? They are inefficient and do not care about their loyal customers. I am considering cancelling my account with them as soon as I get my Visa Gift card. BUYERS BEWARE!

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $200.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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