Howell, Michigan

I have had Comcast for maybe 3 months. from the start there have been problems.

gave me equipment for cable phone and internet, self install. couldn't get internet or phone working , cable worked for 30 minutes then went out. 10+ calls to them and 2.5 hours later I had cable. no phone and no internet.

I went to bed . next day tried to get it working again , no luck. 10+ calls again to them still no help. I couldn't understand the person on the other end.

I went into local office and was told I had no internet or phone. really then what is all the stuff for? ended up with the internet. was told what my monthly bill would be.

got my bill and it was a lot higher. Went in to discuss the bill and pay what was to be owed. they told me there is a fee to pay the office, F that I will pay online then. now my next bill is 2 1/2 times what my monthly fee is.

called them,they claim no payment was received. once again put on hold for over 5 minutes .

when the person returns she says they have to put me on hold again, this time after 5 minutes we were disconnected. this is bs!

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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Twenty-five year customer from many name changes and Comcast has sunk to the depths of poor service. FILE COMPLAINTS ... BBB, FCC, FTC (check the rules on the federal agencies).

Last few of my calls (AFTER the phone tree didn't disconnect me):

a. Phone system acknowledges it has my account; 'tech support' denies I have service.

b. Frequently overhear the f-bomb from other employees in the background.

c. Disconnected by agent on verification because I (for example) said D-R-I-V-E. "Nope, your acct says 'dr'".

d. "uhhh, I'm just paid to answer the phone".

e. Asking about modem health at THEIR end: "that's none of your business" click/disconnect.

And WHY are so many people being charged for their own equipment which just happens to coincide with a tech scanning the equipment? Calls to provision own equipment (modem) results in the phone agent "forgetting" to tick the computer screen that it's customer equipment. Lots of accidental mistakes, eh?

Oh, and a tech once (2 months ago) swore at my elderly aunt.

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #682801

Comcast in Ft. Myers and Naples Fla. is by far the WORST company I have ever dealt with in my seventy six years.

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