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I wanted to write you, hoping that you will actually check this email and return a message. I am upset enough that I may write to all the newspapers in the area. The customer service I have received in the past few months from Comcast has pushed me to use a different provider.

I originally signed up for Security, Phone, Internet, and Cable, but as the year want on I became divorced, I didn’t know that was going to happen. I became a single father of 3 who also takes care of his 80 year old grandfather. Plus not only that I work 8-10 hours per day. As you can see from my title below I work in IT as well. Well after going through all those things, not only did they make things harder, but after over 10 years of military service and deployments I also have PTSD. I Deal with life and do the best I can. Now I know you to be a business man, and probably can make sense of business pretty well. I am concerned that maybe your staff may not. Nothing makes all this communication with your staff harder than having to repeat yourself over and over and over, as they just pass you around like it’s a game maybe. That never results in resolution.

4 months ago I called: I informed the gentleman I dealt with on the phone that I would like to change my contract or cancel service. After going back and forth for so long I have to get off the phone and get back to work. That resulted in a 40 dollar discount that day. I told the gentleman, that isn’t going to resolve the issue. I am a single father of three with much less income than before, take care of a grandfather and I just don’t have this type of money anymore.

Where does that leave me, I will tell you it leaves me struggling to keep a roof over my children’s head, food in their mouths, and hard to make my payments on my vehicle to get back to work. Stress a newly single father with military background and pstd doesn’t really need when trying to rebuild with their kids.

So I struggle and struggle fall behind on my Comcast bill and service gets shut off. Now I look like a failure to my children. Just what I would like at this point in my life.

So let me break it down for you a little.

My bill is 205 dollars per month, multiply that for 12 months that is $2460

Cancelation of service is $1000 (which I don’t have laying around, so can’t pay that either)

So even if I could of afford to cancel I would just be paying that off. So the guy basically used my lack of funds to bully me into keeping service.

So after 4 months of toughing it out and failing. I owe you $720 dollars in bills and 1000 dollars to cancel if I cancel now. Money I Don’t have right.

So after days of working with people to try and figure something out, they finally Say we will cancel services waive that fee and set you up with new service but you have to get caught up first.

What do you mean? I should have never been this far behind, If the first time I called months ago and that guy would of worked with me. I would never have fallen behind. And not able to catch up.

So they ask sire would you like to get caught up so we can do this now. If I had the money I would of paid the bills each month. Instead, I continually stressed, was down, and not positive because I was struggling, presenting an imagine I didn’t want to during this transitional point of my kids’ lives.

So if we could go back 4 months before the struggle really began and I was up to date.

I had paid 205 dollars for 8 months. That is a total of $1640

Now to cancel everything add a $1000 on at that point. That equals I would of paid you $2640 not much more than a years’ worth of service anyways.

But my contract was 2 years. So they bullied me to stay on and that’s when I fell behind. And really I didn’t even want to cancel just get something more affordable for my situation. So there for you would have continued to collect money from me.

So here I am 4 months later still was good up to that 8 months. So you got that 1640 from me, I now owe you 720 dollars. Last week it was 491. Plus a 1000 to cancel. So that’s a total of $3360 I will end up paying you. About ¾ of the contract total.

Or the guy 4 months ago could have been more willing to help. And I wouldn’t be writing this.

But now I am writing because after the most recent. When it al settled out they could have helped me. Because one was willing to help me and keep me as a customer. But I had to get caught up first. Well 4 months ago I was caught up when I tried.

So this time I was willing if they could but I was told no. waive cancelations and restart my service just for internet at a rate that was affordable. Like 100 per month. That is some good internet, which I am sure I can’t even get that speed at my new house.

So new contract at 100 per month is 1200 per year plus the 1640 I have already paid. Plus I said take the 491 break that in to payments and add that on until I pay it off that way its affordable and I am getting caught up and we can adjust my plan, so that Comcast can continue to have the money I work for.

But nope couldn’t do that. So here I am, what do I do? Do I cancel? I don’t know, I cant even afford to do that. So do I just don’t pay anyone and have my credit go to ***. It just doesn’t seem ideal either. But I have to decide.

You know when people go through these events if the companies that they pay their hard working check on would be more helpful you would have much longer and happier customers. Ones that would stay for life. So now I am on Century link. Something I can afford. The service isn’t the best but hey they worked with me.

You know the other part that is sad is sometimes you don’t know what that single father of 3 that takes care of his grandfather that has PTSD may do. He may be The network guy at an institution that uses Comcast for service and spends 1000’s per month on. But you give those people a bad experience it can role over into their other decisions. Why not treat all customers as if they are important, why not try to help them. They want to give you their hard earned money, help them do it.

Maybe you won’t understand where I am coming from. I Hope that you do. I also doubt I will receive a response from this, that is also saddening. But if I do, I will be grateful to hear what you have to say. If not I will try to reach out to you, to here this story from different avenues of approach like news, social media, and the newspaper.

Thank you

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1700.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Comcast Pros: Speed.

Comcast Cons: Customer service.

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NOBODY likes Comcast & I can assure you, you can write & complain to whomever you want....but nothing will be done about it. Everyone I know including myself have had issues with this crazy company. Good luck trying to deal with them.


I feel for you I really do. Its just me.

I don't have any children and I am struggling to keep my head above water. The problem with Comcast is that they have become so big that they don't give a *** about people like us. The only way to fight them is to not use them. I cut the cable cord many years ago.

Almost everything you can watch on cable you can find on the internet. You can watch it for less than half of what you are paying Comcast.

There are ways to work around not having cable. Take back your sanity Free yourself from the prison that is comcast!!