Kirkland, Washington
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I spent 12 hours trying to fix a migrations that they went in and altered.

Finally after 12 HOURS of frustration/incompetent people/phone calls... a trained tech person who WORKS for Comcast.

Her number is 888-824-8988 ext 18706 or if she is out call 877-761-5015.

Don't be put in their spin cycle of was exhausting ans stressful to the point of chest pains. I can never get back the hours of what they have put me thru. I had to track down their Corp office in Pennslyvania and still more calls more frustration. I hope this helps someone else.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Technical Support.

Reason of review: Abused by your company...they had the right number all along. 12 hours of maddening stress. There is no measure of money to get back a ruined weekend and loss of work. .

Preferred solution: Just hire competent people, change your irritating screeching music, don't EVER allow anyone to be spun around for 12 hours. There was a solution...I knew it even YOUR person said...why didn't they reach out to us hours ago..

Comcast Cons: Way i was spun for 12 hours, Being spun for 12 hours.

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