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Comcast. I was given a free three month period for HBO and was told there would be no installation fee and would be an add on perk for trying the faster internet service.

I accepted and for the last three months have had to call and ask where the credit was for the installation charge that was told to me on two different occasions with two different agents. Last call I was on the phone for and hour and 10 minutes and still could not guarantee that the credit would be posted because customer service isn't "authorized" to actually post credits they can only "request" credits. I also incurred 3months of late charges due to the credit not being posted and asked to have those removed and was told that they are never able to credit late fees. There was a credited late fee on my account in July, go figure.

Would not recommend and I am going to cancel service. Be cautious when adding on "free" anything and document document document !!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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