Broomfield, Colorado

I have been a customer for 4 years, each year the rate goes up, I have basic cable and iternet. The price is $158, called to talke to customer service Rep to discuss lowering my rate, was put on hold for 10 minutes, came back online and said i found youa deal for $10 more a month, I guess they didnt undersatnd the first time why I called, when I discussed this with the Comcast customer service rep he became agitated and sent me to the Comcast disconnection group. Great customer service Comcast, not a business I want to do business with

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Troy, Michigan, United States #682408

I'm a fomer comcast customer service rep, CAE, who worked in Illinois. People use to call me all the time asking for lower rates, or what can be done to lower the bill, or if I can do them a favor and use the magic button on their account.

The point is, if the person you're speaking to says they can lower the bill, 95% of the time they're serious. If you have basic cable and internet, your bill definately isn't going to be lowered because they just aren't able to. In order for a bill to be discounted, the head office had to put a discount code in everyones computers. And certain codes only work based off what you already have.

There is no manual editing or discount we could create ourselves. Basically if the code for a discount isn't there, then absolutely nothing can be done.

You were transferred to the disconnection dept because sometimes they're given discount codes that normal billing reps aren't in order to save customers. Take it from me, b/c you have basic everything, your bill will never be lowered or discounted.

to Tinley Park, IL CAE #682410

Correction: if the person you're speaking to says they CAN'T lower the bill, 95% of the time they're serious.

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