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Comcast internet has been unrealiable and repair servies takes at least 5 days. several times per month i have to get help reseting a router or some other thing that that requires more than cycling the power on the router.

I have to make about 5 calls per month at least. each takes about 1/2 hour between phone tree messages and wait times. then there is the 5 day repair response.

If i had an option i would take it in a minute. I only subscribe to basic cable and internet because i refuse to send them additional business to them.

Monetary Loss: $25.

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I seriously doubt Comcast will ever get it together...they just don't care. We cancelled our service after many years and went to Direct TV.

You have to watch your bills with Direct TV but the service part is so much better than Comcast. All Comcast had to do was to fix the lines properly after Hurricane Ike but they wouldn't listen.

I've heard good things about ATT Uverse too but it's not available to us.... yet.


Switching back to Direct TV and AT@T for internet. I'm so sick of comcast's b.s., it's no longer even funny.

Shaq should be ashamed for doing commericals for this company. Shaq may got your back but Comcast isn't no where to be found.


Try Direct TV Great!!! Over 150 channels and quick installations. U can even find them in best buy:-)


:( i have had comcast for awhile and to no avail it sucks, they always say its me in my neighborhood....about 10 houses on the street and they are older ..all cables are buried and my real problem arises when heavy rains set it ...or on this case ..melting snow.. sends service to heck sure its prob as simple as pulling new cable for the 10 houses ...but they refuse after several complaints from not only i but the others on the block

get it together comcast NOW!!!!

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