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We pay megabucks for the service--cable going off & on for the past 2 days, called & complained-gal was polite, but what can she do ? VERY unhappy about the service.

A very unhappy customer. The public ALWAYS gets the "shaft " from these large companies--- what can we do to stop this nonsence ?

I know thta this will probably do NO good, but, I had to blow off steam somehow.!!!!!!

If I fill this in with 100 words, I'll be cursing & I don't think that you would like that!!! Thankyou for listening to my complaint-do something about it--PLEASE.

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Our digital cable HD box is not working properly, never has been.

The entire thing shuts down, the TV goes black and you have to reboot.

They have changed the box over and over, pointed fingers at all sorts of problems but never fixed the issue.

This is about our fifth box, and it just did it twice again today.

We made them give us a price break for a few months, but what good is that even?

Terrible service.

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